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Leeds Lightning

Team Management

Head Coach: Marcus Browne
07404 785 625
Fixture Administrator: Marcus Browne
07404 785 625

Game Day Information

Game Day: Sunday
Game Time: 4:15 pm
Venue: The Edge (Confirm with Coach Directly)
Postcode: LS2 9JT
Primary Kit Colour: Grey
Alternative Kit Colour:

Team Standings

1Rawthorpe Cobras151411478102045814
2Deighton Ryders15114113197915211
3Mandela Warriors 1159610421012309
4Leeds Demons15871025985408
5York Vikings 11578966986-207
6Yorkshire Wizards1578918992-747
7Horsforth Hustlers 1155108231050-2275
8Leeds Lithuanians 1153128911090-1993
9Leeds Lightning8080160-1600